STATE OF TRACOM (March 2016)


Good Afternoon,

Marines, I must apologize for my lack of communications in the last few months. My personal and professional lives have been trying to say the least. I have been attempting to keep all of that together, and due to that, I have been unable to devote time to the SFMC and TRACOM.

It now seems that things are beginning to ease up a bit on those fronts, and I am beginning to be able to address the issues that I have been presented with regarding the SFMCA and TRACOM. For the foreseeable future I and my DCO-Admin Jared Fielder will be working to get these issues resolved.

I have received many emails to my TRACOM account which I have seen, but been unable to act upon. I will begin going through those and addressing the concerns contained within, or I will be asking Jared for his assistance in resolving these issues.

Please bear with me as I am still limited in my time, but not to the extent I have been.

Thank you for your patience, and we shall move forward and take care of these issues.

Thank you.