STATE OF THE SFMC (November 2015)


Hello Marines,

As I write this, I’m sitting at a table ready to wrap gifts as part of the 225th MSG’s charity wrapping project. This being the case, I am mindful that the kickoff of the Holiday Season is also start of a great many community service projects around the Corps. It gives me great pride that so many members of the SFMC give so freely of their time and talents to benefit those less fortunate than themselves. Keep up the great work and be sure that these activities are reported both in your SFMC unit reports as well as your CO’s STARFLEET MSR. Both are vital.

I also note that this time of year, particularly in regions with increasingly steely skies and precipitously dropping temperatures, can be really difficult for many of us, both physically and mentally. Please keep a close eye on your fellows and do what you can to help them through what difficulties they encounter.

This further reminds me that this time of year, for a great many of us, presents us with added hazards to travel as well as increased need to make such travel. While I look on all the service work done by our marines with great pride, marines are reminded to avoid putting life and limb at risk. We want you all just as healthy and happy come the Spring as you are right now. Please be careful out there.

Finally, I note with great sadness the passing of Marian Murphy. Marian was one of the first people I met at my first region summit and she made quite an impression on me. To say that she added color to the STARFLEET experience is an understatement. Marian was a STARFLEET Ranger through and through, but I carry with me a smile for the memory of one happy weekend in May when Marian Murphy was a STARFLEET Marine.

Via con Dios, Marian. We are richer for having known you and poorer for your passing.


Michael McGowan
General, SFMC