Spring is well and truly here and with it Summit season. Summits mean something different to each of us. For me, its always been an opportunity to recharge batteries and get reinvigorated. Though I don’t get to travel as much as I once did, my current plans are to attend the R3 Summit/3rd BDE Muster in late June down in Odessa. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone down there again this year and expect the same great time I had last year.

Summit season is also awards season around the Corps. Several of the Brigades have already issued their Valor Awards for the year. The rest are gearing up to do so soon. The Valor Awards are, of course, followed by the Honor Awards issued at IC/IM In Louisville in mid-August.

The Honor Awards are not, of course, the only awards issued by the SFMC at IC. Now would be the time to nominate your fellow marines for awards. Among the Service and Achievement awards, you can nominate any deserving marine for any award other than the Honor and Valor awards.

Issuing awards is one of the best parts about this job. With that in mind, I have a few to issue at this time. So here goes…

The Commandant’s Campaign Ribbon is awarded to marines who participate in community service projects of particular interest to the Commandant of the SFMC. The programs eligible for inclusion into the 2015 program were: Toys for Tots, Special Olympics, the Sergeant Major’s March for the Disabled. For those interested, the 2016 Campaign includes the same programs.

The names and activities of 63 marines were submitted for inclusion on the CCA list for 2015. These marines did an astounding amount of work in service to these programs and they did so in the highest traditions of the STARFLEET Marine Corps.

The recipients of the Commandant’s Campaign Award for 2015 are as follows:

Paul C Dyl, 120th MSG
Paul G Dyl, 120th MSG
Gary Reynolds,122nd MSG
Charles Phillips Sr, 122nd MSG
Charles Phillips Jr, 122nd MSG
Kyle Mogilka, 122nd MSG
Carl Mogilka, 122nd MSG
Sam Phillips, 129th MSG
Leonard Peffer Jr, 129th MSG
Michael Aronhalt, 129th MSG
James Nelson, 130th MSG
Kayla Nelson, 130th MSG
Heather Wittman, 130th MSG
Leonard Peffer Sr, 130th MSG
Ken Coots, 130th MSG

Douglas Reagan, 631st MSG
Wade Olson, 674th MSG
Linda Olson, 674th MSG
Dominique Lacey, 674th MSG
Jacob Lacey, 674th MSG
Micah Lacey, 674th MSG
Nathan Lacey, 674th MSG
Jonathan Oakley, 674th MSG
Heather Olson, 674th MSG
LTC Ken Olson, 674th MSG
MCPT Lindsey, 674th MSG
BDR James Cozinem, 678th MSG
MGN Jack Eaton, 678th MSG
CDT Elizabeth Babb, 678th MSG
COMM Alejandro Barreiro, 678th MSG
RADM Rosa C. Jackson, 678th MSG

James Monroe, 75th MSG
William Monroe, 75th MSG

Jari James, 503rd MSG
Jerome Stoddard, 503rd MSG

Christopher Thissen, 805th MSG
Jessica Thissen, 805th MSG
Chris Frein, 805th MSG
Brandon Jones, 805th MSG
Corey Lewandowski, 805th MSG
Toby Nelson, 805th MSG
Jordan Schoen, 805th MSG
Angel Thissen, 805th MSG
Seth Thissen, 805th MSG
Christopher James Vogler, 805th MSG

Robert Vosseller Jr, 704th MSG
Patrick Comune, 704th MSG
Jeffrey R. Victor, 704th MSG
Laura Victor, 704th MSG

Thomas Sigmundsson, 367th MSG

Rolando Gomez, 222nd MSG
Anita Fulkerson, 222nd MSG
Allen Glenn, 225th MSG
Sara Glenn, 225th MSG
Mike McGowan, 225th MSG
Julie McGowan, 225th MSG
Faith Steinberg, 225th MSG
Chad Steinberg, 225th MSG
Shirley Kolb, 225th MSG
Paula Kesler, 225th MSG
Jenny Miller, 225th MSG
Michael Calhoun, 255th MSG

Guy Mackey, 898th MSG

Wilderness Challenge Ribbon
Recently, the 11th Brigade successfully held a Wilderness Challenge event. The following marines participated in that event and are now eligible to wear the Wilderness Challenge Ribbon.

Wayne McAliece
Lyn McAliece
Dan Stooke
Guy TG Dax
Kane Dawson
Helen Stooke
Leo Brunelle
Marie Smith
Angie Smith
Sean Smith

Finally, any time a marine saves a life it is an event of which all STARFLEET Marines can be proud. One such occasion happened recently in the 15th Brigade.

On 31DEC2015, Brigadier General Richard Jolitz, while he was dining at a local restaurant, witnessed a fellow diner at another table choking. His quick thinking and successful application of the Heimlich Maneuver saved that person’s life.

It is with great pleasure and honor that I, with the unanimous approval of the General Staff, issue the Silver Nebula to BGN Richard Jolitz.

Congratulations to all these worthy marines.

Until next time, be good to each other.

That is all.

STARFLEET Marine Corps