Greetings Marines!

State of the SFMC – May, 2015

Today I depart for San Antonio to spend some time with the troops of the 3rd Brigade. I know I’ll enjoy the heck out of the experience. I’ll be out of the office, and out of easy communications, from this posting until Tuesday morning (19MAY25015). If you need to contact me during this period, you may do so through either Deputy Commandant Jim Monroe ( or SGM-SFMC Jerry Stoddard (

First, some housekeeping…

I want to thank everyone who applied for the post of Commandant’s Special Assistant for International Issues. After due consideration, I have appointed 1LT Jamie Spracklen to the post. Jamie will be helping me to find resolutions to the problems unique to SFMC members outside the United States that work both for those members and for the Corps as a whole. Thank you, Jamie, for stepping up.

Uniform Approval
The General Staff have approved the following uniform for wear. It will be included in the upcoming edition of the Marine Force Manual.

CLASS B Uniform: Duty Uniform, TNG TV Series

This is normally considered the third highest level uniform for purposes of Uniform of the Day planning. It is based on the standard uniform seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Occasions for Wear:
1. On duty, as prescribed by local commanders.
2. On other appropriate occasions, as desired.

Composition: The Duty Uniform is comprised of the Jacket and Trousers, and accessories and accoutrements as authorized below.

Jacket: The Jacket is a pull over style with collar as seen in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and early episodes of Deep Space Nine. Keeping with the TOS SFMC tradition the color is charcoal instead of branch or departmental color as with the Fleet side.

Trousers: Duty Trousers are black in color, low waist, straight legged and with or without side and hip pockets. Simple black dress slacks without any product labels will do (they should be plain front—unpleated). A 1” wide red “blood” stripe is worn along the outside of each leg. The trousers are worn bloused into or at the top of the boot.

Headgear: Headgear is optional for wear with the Duty Uniform, TNG Series. If worn all standard rules for wearing headgear must be observed. (only wearing outdoors or while under arms)

Footwear: Black boots may be worn with the Duty Uniform, TNG Series. Acceptable options are high gloss black dress shoes (pants wouldn’t be bloused in this case) or spit-shined combat/jump boots.

Insignia & Accouterments: Only the following listed items are authorized for wear with the Duty Uniform
1. Insignia of grade—Worn at the right side of the Jacket collar. Be sure to consult the appropriate SFMC Manual for exact rank to be worn. Due to the dimensions of Enlisted grade insignia, such are to be worn on its side, chevrons pointed toward the gig line.
2. SFMC Insignia—Worn on the left collar centered vertically.
3. Combadge/Branch Badge—Worn on the left breast
4. Distinctive items—If entitled to do so, the wearer may wear one Type A Branch Device above the above the combadge and centered horizontally with the black yoke of the uniform.

Marine Force Manual Revision
The revision to the Marine Force Manual has had some bumpy road. This is due, in large part, to my ongoing difficulties with my email service. We will be getting a new MFM out as soon as possible. Please be patient.

Remember, please, that this is Summit/Muster season. This is the time of year when deserving marines receive the bulk of their available recognition. Both the GS and the several Brigades rely on marines who observe noteworthy operations and personnel to nominate those marines who meet the award criteria found in the current MFM. Please help us help you.

That’s about all I have at the moment. I’ll post something about the 3rd BDE Muster when I return next week.


Michael McGowan
OIC, 225th MSG
Commandant, SFMC