STATE OF THE SFMC (August 2015)


State of the SFMC – August 2015

This is going to be a brief message, but I’ll have another shortly after IC as well.

Well, preparations continue apace for IC 2015. The Honor Awards have been decided and will be announced at IC’s Marine Mess. Various other award lists are currently being compiled for issue at International Muster. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I WILL be at International Conference this year. Unlike last year, I’ll be there for the entire weekend, so if you have a topic you wish to discuss, please feel free to stop by for a chat.

The 2015 Edition of the Marine Force Manual is nearing completion and will be released at IC. It has been a lot of work, but it is finally coming close to completion. Many marines submitted list of corrections and errors from the previous edition for me to use to make corrections. Thank you to them all.

The next manual up for review is the SFMC Policy Manual. Work has begun on this project as I write this.

The participation levels of the Marines of the SFMC in the lists and social media has been gratifying to see. There have been 234 posts to the Corps list. The SFMC Group on Facebook has been more prolific, posting 338 pages of posts in the last calendar year from 555 members. Better still, the SFI-SFMC organization page on Facebook has received 1067 likes. Our message is getting out. You marines out there doing your thing to have fun and help your communities, you are WRITING that message. Well done!

I’ll be back after IC to keep you up to date as to what happened there.

That is all.

Commandant, SFMC