STATE OF FORCECOM (February 2015)


Status of FORCECOM – Feb 2015

Good Evening, Marines.

I’d love to blame a late SOR on this being a short month, but this one is all one me. It’s been a case of Real Life which will, hopefully, have sorted itself out by the time the next report is due. This report will be brief, so expect something a lot longer over the next couple of weeks.

We’re coming on Regional Summits and Brigade Musters which means it’s time to bring your dress uniforms out of storage and make sure that everything is up to date and ready to go. That makes this the perfect time to log on to the database and check to make sure your records are up to date. If there is something missing, please contact me ASAP and we’ll work together to see what’s needed to get your records updated.

Also, in regards to award nominations, I’m still hearing about the occasional problems with using the online Awards Nomination forms found here: I have copies of the nomination forms in document format and can send them to you as needed. Your Brigade OICs have them as well.

If you are making a nomination and you do not receive the automated copy of your submission via email, there’s a very good chance the nomination did not go through. If you don’t get the email, please report it to me ASAP so the problem can be forward to the correct individuals. As previously mentioned if it is a nomination for a Brigade level award, also let your BDE OIC know ASAP and make sure they get a copy. Do not wait until weeks have passed and then complain that ‘no one ever gets awards in this Brigade’. We can’t recognize activities and service if we don’t know about it.

This ties into another point. If you don’t tell your Unit OIC what you’re doing, they won’t know. And if you, as a Unit OIC, don’t include that activity in your report, your Brigade OIC won’t know all the good things you’ve done and can’t pass that information on to me.

Remember this maxim: If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.

As always, if you’ve got questions, always remember to use your chain of command. Everyone from your Unit OIC up to the members of the General Staff are here to help you. Just run your thoughts and concerns up the chain and we’ll help you out.

Stand Easy, Marines.

BGN Jari “Gato” James