STATE OF FINCOM (March 2015)


State of FINCOM – March 2015

The numbers for the Quartermaster Account for the month of February are as follows:

Opening checking account balance for the month of February $6226.22 Credit – $253.25 PayPal transfer Debits total – $609.80

USPS – $29.30 QM postage

Flag Makers – $580.50

Closing balance for the account was $5869.67

There were 6 orders this month.

Scholarship interest $0.04. The current balance $2729.39

A Word To the Wise.

About a week ago, I went to the teller machine of my local bank. A lady was just finishing when I walked up. She had turned to go to her car, when she said she had to check her account balance. Once she had re-accessed her account and her balance, she turned and left. When I walked up to the machine, there was an option available, Would you like another transaction . Had I been a dishonest person, I would have pushed Yes and accessed her account and got some spending money. I pushed the No button and signed onto my account.

The word to the wise is always finish your transactions on a teller machine and make sure it returns to the Sign On screen and you won t have to worry about unauthorized withdrawals from your account.

MGEN Barry Jackson