SFMC Awards – International Conference/Muster 2017

** Honor Awards – 2017

Cross of Honor:
MCPT Wayne McAliece 11 BDE

Sword of Honor:
MAJ Gordon Tenny 3 BDE

Shield of Honor:
MGN Rey Cordero 1 BDE

Star of Honor:
SGM Stephen Sardeson 3

Legion of Honor:
327th MSG 11 BDE

* Achievement Awards – 2017

Commandant’s Meritorious Service Award:
MGN Bruce O’Brien
MGN Edward Tunis III

Distinguished Service Cross:
MGYSGT John Kane

SFMC Service Award:
LGN Fleona Dysast’ar
LTC Laurie McAndrew
BDR Christopher Thissen
MGN Thomas Sigmundsson
GSGT Timothy Barrington
MGN Julie McGowan
BGN Thomas Guertin

SFMC Achievement Awards:
COL Max Triola
LTC Eric Willette
BGN Alan O’shea
MCPT Shawn Drovesky
BGN Tom Guertin
LTC Michael Naas
COL Ian Struthers
BDR Shirly Kolb
LTC Noble Hays
1LT Stephen Allen
BGN Steven Parmley

** Communications Service Award:
LGN Mark Anderson
MGN Edward Tunis III

** TRACOM Awards:

Student of the Year:
LT Michael Stelzer

Commander TRACOM Award:
COL Faith Steinberg

Team Delta:
Student- Team Delta
MCPT Jan Bovier
LT Michael Stelzer

Team Delta – Honorary
BDR Steven Bice, Jr
CAPT Robin Fleming

* 2016-2017 STARFLEET Marine Corps Reading Challenge

The winners of the challenge are broken into four categories: brigade, battalion, unit, and individual (adult and cadet). There are three awards per category: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

1st place – 12th Brigade – The Dirty Dozen
2nd place – 5th Brigade – Birds of Prey
3rd place – 3rd Brigade – The Dogs of War

1st place – 2nd Battalion, 15th Brigade
2nd place – 2nd Battalion, 12th Brigade
3rd place – 4th Battalion, 12th Brigade

1st place – 555th MSG, 5th Brigade – Renegades
2nd place – 95th MSG, 15th Brigade – The Martian Modulators
3rd place – 225th MSG, 12th Brigade – DedEx

Individual (adult):
1st place – BDR Shirley Kolb, 225th MSG, 12th Brigade
2nd place – LGN Leanna Morgan, 555th MSG, 5th Brigade
3rd place – LTC Sarah Hays, 340th MSG, 3rd Brigade

Individual (cadet):
1st place – Cadet B’Elanna Stooke, 377th MSG, 11th Brigade

Caveat – unfortunately, this year we had only one participant identified as a cadet taking part in the challenge.