As announced at the International Muster at IC 2015, here are the SFMC Awards presented at that event

Awards are in order of precedence, with individual entries arranged alphabetically . This list is, as you may expect, rather long. , since there were many awards announced. Thank you for scrolling through it.

Awards earned as a result of the event (Such as the International Service Ribbon) will be issued next week.

Distinguished Service Cross
Jari James

Cross of Honor
Paul Dyl

Sword of Honor
Jeremy Carsten

Shield of Honor
Lisa Hergert

Star of Honor
Adam Hudson

Legion of Honor
333rd MSG

Cadet Sword of Honor (Grade 2)
Edward Tunis IV

TJ Allen
David Anderson Jr
Mark Anderson
Timothy Barrington
E. Jerry Beaulieu
Dave Blaser
Duncan Cameron
Jeremy Carsten
Norman DeRoux
Justin Donovan
Joseph Dorffner
Mitch Dunn
Paul Dyl
Fleona Dysast’ar
Gregory Fant
Michael Garcia
Donald Glenn
Rolando Gomez
Thomas Guertin
Adam Hudson
Barry Jackson
Jari James
Mary Kane
David Kania
Thomas King
William Knopes
Travis Littou
Julie McGowan
Michael McGowan
David Miller
Linda Olson
James Ortega
Shane Russell
Oliver Savander
Hayden Segel
Russell Selkirk
David Sladky
Liam Smith
Jamie Spracklen
Jerry Stoddard
Edward Tunis III
Robin Woodell-Vitasek
Jeffrey Victor
Laura Victor
Tammy Willcox

Commandant’s Meritorious Service Award
Mark Anderson
Joseph Dorffner
Barry Jackson

SFMC Service Commendation
Mark Anderson
Duncan Cameron
Joseph Dorffner
Faith Steinberg
Jared Fielder
Barry Jackson
Travis Littou
Julie McGowan
James Monroe
Linda Olson
Steve Parmley
Shane Russell
Liam Smith
Jamie Spracklen
Jerry Stoddard
Edward Tunis III

SFMC Achievement Award
TJ Allen
Timothy Barrington
E Jerry Beaulieu
Paul G. Dyl
D. Allen Glenn
David Goldsberry
Rolando Gomez
Sarah Hays
Adam Hudson
Paula Kesler
Tom King
David Miller
Andrew Peterson
Jen Peterson
Oliver Savander

Meritorious Unit Citation
120th MSG
229th MSG
503rd MSG
555th MSG

Leader’s Commendation (SGM-SFMC Office)
Paul G. Dyl

Team Delta (Students)
Gary Christenson
David Sladky

Team Delta (Honorary)
Wayne Killough
Larry French Sr

Student of the Year
Gary Christenson

TRACOM Commander’s Award
Jared Fielder

IM 2015 Streamers

Achievement Award Streamers: (Award, unit-name, OIC)
Legion of Honor, 333 MSG – Phoenix Squadron, Thomas Clark
MUC, 120 MSG – Temporal Guardians, Paul C. Dyl
MUC. 229 MSG – The Hunters, Shane Russell
MUC, 503 MSG – The Spartans, Jerry Stoddard
MUC, 555 MSG – Renegades , Laurie McAndrew

SFMC Service Award Streamers (Streamer, unit, BDE, qualifying individual):
Commandant, 225 MSG, 12 BDE, Mike McGowan
Deputy Commandant, 75 MSG, 4 BDE, James Monroe
Sergeant Major-SFMC, 503 MSG, 5BDE, Jerry Stoddard
COFINCOM, 131 MSG, 1 BDE, Barry Jackson
SFMC Quartermaster, 674 MSG, 2 BDE, Linda Olson
COFORCECOM, 503 MSG, 5BDE, Jari James
DCOFORCECOM, 646 MSG, 2 BDE, Duncan Cameron
FORCECOM E-Certs, 777 MSG, 7 BDE, Joe Dorffner
COINFOCOM, 699 MSG, 2 BDE, Mark Anderson
DCOINFOCOM, 232 MSG, 12 BDE, Steve Parmley
COTRACOM, 225 MSG, 12 BDE, Travis Littou
DCOTRACOM, 21 MSG, 4 BDE, Jared Fielder
DCOTRACOM, 229 MSG, 12 BDE, Josiah Smiddy

FORCECOM Streamers (Streamer unit, OIC):
Reporting 1 Brigade – “The Fightin’ First”, BDR TJ Allen
Reporting 2 Brigade – “The Wild Deuces”, MGN Oliver Savander
Reporting 3 Brigade – “The Dogs of War”, MGN Edward Tunis III
Reporting 4 Brigade – “Only Those Who Dare”, MGN Fleona Dysast’ar
Reporting 5 Brigade – “Birds of Prey”, BDR Tom King
Reporting 7 Brigade – “The Lucky Sevens”, LGN Joe Dorffner – BGN Mike Stein accepting
Reporting 10 Brigade – No Nickname, GSGT Timothy Barrington
Reporting 11 Brigade – The Anzacs, COL Liam Smith
Reporting 12 Brigade – “The Dirty Dozen”, BGN Julie Rickard
Reporting 20 Brigade – Legio Vigesima, LTC Jason Garrett
SFMC Reading Challenge
Names are in order of finish in their category.
Individual winners are presented in the format Name, Unit, Brigade.

Cadet Grade 1
Robert, Childers,646th MSG, 2nd
Mercedes Bollinger, 314th MSG, 3rd

Cadet Grade 2
Era Childers, 646th MSG, 2nd
Sean Smith, 376th MSG, 11th

Cadet Grade 3
Emma Charity, 380th MSG, 20th

Cadet Grade 4
Max Miller, 120th MSG, 1st
Charlotte Wilson, 376th MSG, 11th
Chris Miller, 120th MSG, 1st
Sam Wilson, 376th MSG. 11th

Individual Adult
Karen Chaffin, 333rd MSG, 3rd
Neil Yawn, 654th MSG, 2nd
Rosy Dorffner, 777th MSG, 7th

Unit Participation
654th MSG, Neil Yawn, OIC, 2nd BDE
21st MSG, Sean Waitman, OIC, 4th BDE
777th MSG, Joe Dorffner, OIC, 7th BDE

Battalion Participation
4th of the 4th, David Anderson, OIC, 4th BDE
2nd of the 13th Melissa Toole, OIC, 13th BDE
4th of the 5th, Laurie McAndrew, OIC, 5th BDE

Brigade Participation
13th, Melissa Toole, OIC
5th, Tom King, OIC
4th, Fleona Dysast’ar, OIC