USS Roger Williams April Activity



Thank you to everyone that came together to make our event last night a great success. Plenty of fun was had an new friendships were started which is what Starfleet is all about. We had 3 R15 chapter a represented and we made contact with some possible recruits from Connecticut!

Franklin Gonzalez
CO, USS Roger Williams

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R15 RC Nominations Begin


Commanding Officers of Region Fifteen,

It is my duty as the Inspector General for STARFLEET to announce the
opening of the nomination phase for the Region Fifteen Regional Coordinator
(RC) Election. The nomination phase will run from April 1, 2018 thru April
30, 2018, 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. The term of the Regional
Coordinator will be from July 1, 2018 thru June 30, 2020.

Those seeking nomination for Regional Coordinator must receive at least 10%
of the nominations from commanding officers of chapters in good standing in
the region. For Region Fifteen that means each prospective nominee must get at
least two nominations each to be eligible to run for Regional Coordinator.
Those chapter COs submitting nominations must include the following
information in their email/letter: In an instance where a chapter CO is the
RC or planning to run for RC, the first officer may submit the nomination
on behalf of the chapter assuming that the RC is the one being nominated.
If the incumbent RC or CO is nominating someone else they may go ahead and
submit on behalf of their ship if they are the CO.

– Name of the nominating CO’s chapter
– The nominating CO’s name and SCC#
– The nominating CO’s contact information (email, mailing address)
– Name of the candidate they are nominating
– Signature and date (Those submitting nominations by email must use the
email address that is registered in the STARFLEET database. Your email
address and date of the email fulfill the requirement of the signature and

Individuals wishing to run for RC must submit a letter to the Inspector
General STARFLEET expressing their intent to run and include the following

– Name and contact address/email
– Date of birth
– A statement that they are at least 21 years of age and meet all the
requirements for the position of Regional Coordinator
– A statement that if nominated and elected they will serve as the RC
– Signature and date (Those submitting letters of intent by email must use
the email address that is registered in the STARFLEET database. Your email
address and date of the email fulfill the requirement of the signature and

All letters of nomination and intent are due to the Office of the Inspector
General STARFLEET by the last day of the nomination phase which is April
30, 2018. Those sending nominations and letters of intent by email send
them to IG@SFI.ORG. Those mailing their nominations/letters of intent mail
them to the following address:

Office of the Inspector General STARFLEET
Attn: Fleet Captain Stephen Stott
114 Brickingham Way
Columbia, SC 29229

If only one candidate is nominated that candidate will immediately become
the Regional Coordinator upon announcement of the election results. If any
candidate receives 50%+1 or more of the nominations from the chapters in
the region, that candidate automatically will become the RC upon
announcement of the results. If no one nominee reaches the 50%+1 of
nominations and there is more than one nominee then we will move to the
next phase which is the election phase. The person receiving the majority
of votes from eligible chapters in the region will win the election and
upon announcement of the results become the Regional Coordinator.

Again, the deadline for submitting nominations is 11:59 pm EST, April 30,
2018. If there are any questions please let me know. Also please make sure
you email your input to IG@SFI.ORG. Thank you.

Live long and prosper,

Fleet Captain Stephen Stott
Inspector General STARFLEET


R15 RC Announces His Resignation


Good morning,

It is after much deliberation that I must announce my resignation as Regional Coordinator effective June 1, 2018.

This was not an easy decision to make. I sought this position, not because I wanted “to be in charge” of anything, but rather because I saw a way that I could assist this Region and this organization that has given much to me over the last 25+ years. I came in with some great ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. Many of those ideas have been implemented and I think it has helped the Region grow stronger.

It is not because of anyone or anything on the FLEET side that I have chosen to make this decision. Since shortly after taking office, I have been dealing with a series of difficulties in most aspects in my life; my health and that of family, major changes at work along with an increase in stress and hours, and many other things.

The continued stress has been wearing and it makes it increasingly difficult to give STARFLEET the proper time and respect that it deserves. As such, my duty is clear.

While I was not able to accomplish everything that I had set out to, I feel that I will leave the Region in better shape than when I started.

I believe that there should be enough time for a full election cycle to take place between now and June 1, so that we can allow for a smooth transition to the next Regional Coordinator.

I want to thank the Regional staff for stepping up and taking on their positions to help Region 15 to prosper. We have had some ups and downs, but I would like to believe that there have been more ups than downs.

Thank you all for giving me the chance to serve. I am hopeful that when the current stresses lessen, that I will be able to serve in a higher capacity once more. Until then, I will be stepping back so that STARFLEET does not add stress, but rather is a way to relax and enjoy the fandom that we all love.

With respect and my sincere thanks,

MGEN E. Jerry Beaulieu
Regional Coordinator Region 15
CO USS Ares, NCC-63591
95th MSG, Martian Modulators


Welcome to the Region 15



Good afternoon.

It is my pleasure to announce that there is a new chapter in Region 15. The USS Panther has joined us from Region 1. This chapter is under the command of Captain Patrick Condry. The USS Panther is based out of Tiverton, RI.

Please join me in welcoming our newest chapter to the Region.

Thank you,

MGEN E. Jerry Beaulieu
Regional Coordinator Region 15
CO USS Ares, NCC-63591
95th MSG, Martian Modulators


Regional Events Officer


Good afternoon,

For the position of Regional Events Officer, I am pleased to announce that Franklin Gonzales has agreed to take on this position..

Frank will be working with each chapter to help coordinate the schedules of various chapter events and our Regional activities. In addition, Frank will be helping us to plan, organize, and put on our Regional Summit this year as our Summit Chair.

Frank will be reaching out to chapters shortly, to start the ball rolling on the summit and starting a calendar of activities.

Frank, welcome to the Regional staff, and thank you for taking on this difficult job.

MGEN E. Jerry Beaulieu
Regional Coordinator Region 15
CO USS Ares, NCC-63591
95th MSG, Martian Modulators


Two Day Sale for IC 2018 Registration


David Kloempken
February 17 at 7:02pm
Two Day Sale

Press Release – To all STARFLEET International Commands

By ADM Linda & David Kloempken, Chairmen of IC 2018


We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Starfleet Family Reunion! Join us in Bloomington, Minnesota, for three days of fun, family, and friends. To help you make your reservations for the conference WE’RE ANNOUNCING A 48-SALE! Starting at midnight Saturday night and running until midnight Monday night you can save $5 off your conference registration. Click on Register Now from our home page at When you reach the check out point enter President in the box for Coupon Code and then click on Apply Coupon.

IC 2018’s dates: August 10 – 12, 2018.

The Venue: The Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America.

Room Rate: Reserve your room at the special rate of $109 for stays from August 10, 2018 through August 12, 2018. The Hilton is offering the convention rate for three nights on either side of the event on a space-available basis. So come early! Stay late! And enjoy the many vacation opportunities available in the beautiful Twin Cities.

Suites are available on a limited basis for $159 per night.

Members can call the hotel directly at 1-952-854-2100 and give promotional code “STAR18” to get the event rate. Or use the link on the to make your reservation online.

Recent updates to the website are too numerous to mention, so check them out online.

Facebook Page:

Online Registration: PRICE DEADLINE: the Online Registration Rate is $35.00 if you register by March 31, 2018. Sale dates are possible so stay tuned.

Saturday Banquet price is $45 per person. This will be a Hot Dish supper served family style.

Friday evening Marine Mess is available for $47 per person. This is a plated dinner with the option of either pork or chicken for the entree.

All registrants will receive a convention badge, program book, visitor information, and a little something extra for joining us.

If you are not able to attend but want to help out, Supporting Memberships are available for $25 per person. You will receive the badge, program book, and something extra. These packages will be mailed out after the IC.

Charities Supported: Our charity for this year’s IC will be the STARFLEET Scholarship Program.

Snail Mail Registration: If you prefer to mail your registration, please go to and download the .pdf of our registration form. Send the completed form along with your check or money order payable to STARFLEET to the address on the form.

Special dietary concerns: If you have dietary concerns that we should know about, please contact us at We will be glad to work out something that will allow you to join in the meal events.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the Twin Cities this summer! Make your reservations soon. And come join the Family Reunion!
Home – The 2018 STARFLEET International Conference




R15 RC New Year’s Remarks


Members of Region 15,

As we move into a new year, I want to let you all know something that was announced over on the STARFLEET Members Only page. Effective at 12:01 this morning (1/1/2018) Fleet Admiral Robert Westfall has stepped down as Commander, STARFLEET. Dan Toole will be moving from the VCS position to the CS position and there will be some confirmations coming down the line. Robert has stepped down due to health reasons, so I would ask that you all please be respectful of his decision.

2017 has had its ups and downs. I have had a number of very difficult things happen over the last six months, but I am hopeful that they are behind me for now, and that I can go into 2018 on a high note. We have some big things coming up this year. Our 25th Anniversary as a Region, the 15th Anniversary of the 15th Brigade, a new Awards program, some further improvements to our communications channels, and more (I hope.)

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone in Region 15 and beyond. I look forward to what the new year will bring to the Region and the FLEET.

MGEN E. Jerry Beaulieu
Regional Coordinator Region 15
CO USS Ares, NCC-63591
95th MSG, Martian Modulators


R15 Holiday Gathering


Members of the region will be gathering for lunch on Saturday, December 2 @ the Uno Pizzeria in Braintree. Afterwards, there is time for socializing, the mall next door, Dave and Buster’s next door on the other side, and a theater across the street and around the back.

The Address is: 250 Granite Street Braintree, MA 02184

We will be gathering around noon.

Please share with your crews and have everyone RSVP. We have seating for about 30, but we can get a little more than that if needed, but if we go beyond that, some people may be seated away from the group.

I am looking for a volunteer to help facilitate Toys for Tots this year. Unfortunately, I have limited space so I cannot do so at this time. If you, or a member can attend and wish to volunteer, please email me directly at the address below.

Thank you

MGEN E. Jerry Beaulieu
Regional Coordinator Region 15
CO USS Ares, NCC-63591
95th MSG, Martian Modulators


R15 Members working the SFI Table at the RI Comic Con




Above, members of Region Fifteen man the STARFLEET Table at the RI Comic Con that was held on November 10 through November 12. In the picture above from left to right: FCPT Dave Forrand (USS Darwin), Cadet MCPO Dalton Knotts (USS Narragansett), Cadet MCPO Kathryn Anzaldi (USS Narragansett), LT Paul G Dyl (USS Helen Pawlowski) and VADM Paul C Dyl (USS Helen Pawlowski).


RI Comic Con



As I discussed at the Summit, I will need to know who is interested in manning the Region Recruiting table at Rhode Island Comic Con on November 10-12. I will be able to provide 4 vendor badges for admission to the Con for those working the table. Please contact me if you are planning on attending via email at

You Must Contact Me No Later Than November 2, 2017 in order to attend.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

CAPT James Knotts
Commanding Officer
USS Narragansett
Region 15 Recruiting Officer